Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Torturous Debate

Fascinating discussion about torture is going on at Mark Shea's blog, sparked by a challenge to lurkers to express their views on the use of torture in the War on Terror.

As a point of focus, Mark linked to a Wall Street Journal column, which he called an execrable piece of filthy agitprop for Strength Through Torture.

By the way, I agree with Mark on this. St. Paul tells us not to do evil in the hopes of good. Sin kills us and I want to live, that is, forever, as in having eternal life.

Lots of good commentary on this topic over at Mark's. For the most part, people on either side are addressing the discussion with the respect it deserves. And it is a serious topic. Do we torture prisoners or not? And if so, are we prepared for the consequences? History suggests otherwise. By that I mean, World Wars I and II introduced new and more efficient ways to kill and terrorize populations. It is no coincidence that Modernism emerged out of the shell-shocked nations of Europe following World War I. After Modernism's popularization came Existentialism, a soul numbness that accelerated following World War II and that continues to this day.