Thursday, November 10, 2005

So Dosing Yourself With Hormones Isn't A Good Thing After All?

So the birth control patch isn't so safe. No kidding. In fact, it's riskier than the pill, killing about a dozen young women last year from blood clots and dozens more survived strokes and other clot-related illnesses.

Funny. I saw a Planned Parenthood ad for the pill and the patch today. It ran in the local "alternative" rag and the ad featured the usual young, healthy looking, urban hipsters. I could be wrong on this but none of the models appeared to be gasping for breath due to a clot blocking their lungs. Neither of the models looked like they had been paralyzed by a stroke. I'm sure this was an oversight.

The AP reports also that the company disclosed, in an internal memo, its refusal to fund studies comparing the patch to the pill out of fears that the results would not be positive (cash-wise) for its makers.

Okay, so birth control makers may not necessarily be looking out for the health, safety, and lives of women. Who knew?