Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Place for Kindness

Got this email today from the owner of seeking a link:"I am a fellow Christian that has also helped start a website/blog/prayer chain called ( ... We are interested in giving people that seek Christian community and conversation in their life every opportunity possible to find it."

They seem to be evangelicals, if that matters any. Myself, I'm just glad to see some online Agape action. I recommend Oaktree with the caveat that one of their links connects to a site that says Catholic thought on Mary is "dangerous". I realize some evangelicals misinterpret our love of Mary, but ... come on now.

Oaktree itself seems to take an ecumenical stance. In fact, Catholics looking to perform spiritual or corporal works of mercy can take some hints from the mission of Oaktree to provide an open source venue for people seeking, hope, prayers, money, and community.

Says the FAQ:
" gives those willing to help an opportunity to directly impact the person in need; we call this direct effect giving. We open the channel between those in need and those willing to help. After financial assistance, prayers, encouragement or advice is provided to the person in need, the one helped is encouraged to do two things. First thing is to thank the person that helped them by posting a public "thank you" and then pledge to help someone else within the following 90 days. This continues the direct effect indefinitely! "

I spent some time at Oaktree -- a nice little spot of kindness on the Internet. It's good to know they are Christians by their love, rather than by their sarcasm and pharisee-like devotion to the Law like so many Catholic sites.