Thursday, November 10, 2005

Legal Protection for Catholic Employers

A reader writes:

"Found this great article at the Beckett Fund site about Churches being able to preserve church autonomy in respect to the hring practices of teachers. This is in relationship to Katelyn Sills and Loretto HS."

Ms. Sills, you may recall, is the high school girl whose mother notified the Bishop of Sacramento of the abortion activities carried on by the girl's teacher. The school reluctantly fired the teacher after being ordered to by the bishop. A newspaper outed Katelyn's identity and her blog has been swarmed by agents of the culture of death ever since. Katelyn has been expelled by the same nuns who refused initially to fire the abortion rights teacher. Now the teacher plans on suing. So it's important that the right of Catholic institutions to require employees not to publicly protest church teachings is upheld.