Thursday, November 03, 2005

Disuptations on Humility

Disputations has two wonderful items today about humility.

The first post is about a priest who is given food from a starving family at Christmas. He accepts the food reluctantly, telling his companion, "Tim, you know you really have to be humble to accept a gift of food from a family that poor."

A comment box fisticuffs has emerged at Disputations over whether the priest should have accepted the family's gift. I agree with what this guy wrote, "Actually, the true gift is not the bread: the true gift is the *giving of* the bread. As in the Eucharist, I would think. As in Love made manifest. The father is not feeding the priest; the father is *loving* the priest."

The second post is about St. Martin de Porres, whose feast day is today, and his "way of humility". This inspired Disuptations to ponder various ways of humility:

"The humility of St. Dominic lay in disregard of honors and comforts that might impede the preaching of the Gospel. St. Thomas's humility guarded against distractions from his study. St. Catherine is the great doctor of the "she who is not" humility that stands as nothing before God.

St. Martin's humility strikes me as marked by complete absence of ambition. He had no desire for anything greater than he had, and in fact desired to have less. He wasn't interested in doing great things -- not for himself, and not even for God."

Lots of food for the journey here.