Friday, October 07, 2005

"We Don't View Assisted Suicide As A Benefit"

The quote is from Not Dead Yet's president Diane Coleman. Not Dead Yet has the goods on what's happening with Gonzales vs. Oregon. It's eerie how the culture of death is disguising this case as states' rights. It's not. It is really about whether a sick/disabled person's life can be viewed as so lacking in value that the law allows for their lives to be terminated and assisted in such by the medical establishment via prescribing lethal drugs.

As Not Dead Yet sees it:

"People already have the right to refuse unwanted treatment, and suicide is not illegal. What we oppose is a public policy that singles out individuals for legalized killing based on their health status. This violates the Americans With Disabilities Act, and denies us the equal protection of the law. Some bioethicists have even started to argue that intellectually disabled people are not persons under the law. That hasn’t happened since slavery was legal.

Legalized medical killing is not a new human right, it's a new professional immunity. It would allow health professionals to decide which of us are "eligible" for this service, and exempt them from accountability for their decisions. Killing is not just another medical treatment option, and it must not be made any part of routine health care. In these days of cost cutting and managed care, we don't trust the health care system, and neither should you."