Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Synod Update

Cardinal Pell offered one of the more forceful defenses of clerical celibacy yesterday at the Synod.

From the National Catholic Reporter:

“To loosen this tradition now would be a serious error, which would provoke confusion in the mission areas and would not strengthen spiritual vitality in the First World,” Pell said.

“It would be a departure from the practice of the Lord Himself, bring significant practical disadvantages to the work of the church, e.g., financial, and weaken the sign value of the priesthood; it would weaken, too, the witness to loving sacrifice, and to the reality of the Last Things, and the rewards of Heaven,” Pell said.

Also, an interesting and provocative quote:

"Wednesday morning the synod heard from some of its “auditors,” including Henrietta de Villa, former ambassador of the Philippines to the Holy See.

Noting that a traditional Latin term for the church is mater et magistra, “mother and teacher,” de Villa suggested that perhaps one reason the church fails to impress some young people as a teacher is because “they have never experienced her as a mother.

Also, good, tough questions from the Protestants on intercommunion.