Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sense and Sacramentality at the Synod

Rocco Palmo eavesdrops on some of the discussions going on over in Rome this week and performs a nice service to his readers by excerpting a talk given by Fr. Joseph William Tobin, a Redemptorist at the Synod. Fr. Tobin spoke of a critical misunderstanding the sacraments.

This line from Fr. Tobin grabbed my attention:

"If the sacrament of Penance is de facto absent in many local Churches we must wonder whether the Church can be properly recognised as the Church willed by Jesus Christ..."

Amen. Amen. I can't tell you how often I've looked for Reconciliation times in churches around Denver only to find them limited to an hour and a half or less a week and even then at times that I can't attend.

The excuse given for this sorry state of affairs is lack of interest on the part of parishioners. Untrue if the lines of people waiting for confession are anything to go by.

Fr. Tobin further describes the misuse of the Eucharist to make personal statements and the use of Penance by those who see it as a means of cheap grace. Good stuff.