Monday, October 17, 2005

Madonna Again Proves Irony of Her Name

I'm not into celebrity gossip but -- poor Lourdes. Her mother is named Madonna, but she behaves more like Mommy Dearest than the Mother of All Peoples. (Exception: According to the Drudge Report Madonna is now preaching that all who do not repent will go to Hell and that "the Beast" is the modern age.)

But I digress. This week, Madonna over shares that she takes away little Lourdes clothes if she leaves them on the floor, forcing the 9-year old to wear the same outfit over and over. Also, Lourdes and her little brother Rocco are not allowed to drink milk or eat ice cream. Further, Madonna (Lord, how I hate calling her by that name. Can I call her Cruella De Ville instead?) withholds chocolate from the kids.

Is she mean, or has Madonna finally lost her mind? It seems to have already happened to Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson (whom Madonna accompanied to the Grammys one year in the '80s.)