Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"Love Is Infinite Desire"

The Magnificat provides an essay by British mystic Caryll Houselander to illuminate yesterday's Mass reading. Lots of spiritual nourishment in this piece. Here's an excerpt from the print publication:

"It is impossible to know God, even through the sense of absence, without falling in love with him ... By a curious paradox, our loss reveals the Divine Presence to us: Love is infinite desire.

On all the works of man we find the touch of Christ, provided that we are looking for some sign that God has been there... Only complacency can take away the sharp edge of love; boredom cannot do it and neither can aridity, for love is known as desire, which is stronger than we are and drives us as the wind drives a sail.

It is expedient that Christ should go, because we shall then seek, and seeking, touch the edge of the truths we cannot yet bear; because in the search we become aware of the wonder and mystery that contentment blinds us to."

More information on Houselander here, including an essay she wrote on simplicity.