Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Wouldn't Mind At All If Anne Rice Commented Here

Anne Rice reads the blogs! Apparently she took a look at Speculative Catholic's take on her upcoming novel and felt compelled to reply.

Anne Rice (or somebody using her name) wrote: "I ask you not to pre-judge this book. It has absolutely nothing to do with the gnostic gospels. The book is an attempt to fictionally depict the Jesus of faith, the jesus of the four gospels, set against a backdrop that has been thoroughly researched as to archaeology, sociology and history. I can understand if you have no interest in it, but I ask that you not jump to conclusions about based on fragmentary comments. Whatever, thank you for caring enough to mention it, and I appreciate the interest you've shown. Anne Rice, Paradise West, California."

Reviews of and other information about Rice's Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt can be found here.