Tuesday, October 25, 2005

High School Catholic Persecuted

The daughter of the woman who notified the Archdiocese of Sacramento of the pro-abortion activism of a Catholic high school teacher is being harrassed on her blog following the publication of the girl's name in a local newspaper article.

Katelyn Sills was identified in the account as a sophomore at the high school where the fired teacher worked. Agents of the culture of death have been quick to target Sills for insult and condemnation.

Here's a sample from someone called "alum68": "you and your family are an embarrasment to Loretto. Mind your own business. Hopefully all your families hard earned money will go to Mrs. Bain. Worry more about the priest abusing children and think about all the nums that have done unspeakable things that the media is only time away from mentioning."

And from another commentor:"I think it would be great if your peers all bring cameras to school Monday. I hope they follow you after school, to your job, to your home, to the mall. I hope you're treated to the barbaric intrusiveness of being photographed at all times, and that it makes you think. And then I hope you transfer, not only to a different school, but into a different religion. Catholicism isn't a hate-based belief system, and we don't need your kind ... Christ is love, not hate."
Unfreaking believable.