Monday, October 24, 2005

Anne Rice's Interview With The Savior

Okay. I'm in. Despite Anne Rice's soft-core pornographic tendencies. Despite the author's life's work as a marketer for paganism through her Vampire series, (After these novels came out, Rice repented and returned to the Catholic Church.) And despite Rice's preoccupation with darkness and moral ambiguity, I'm really, really, looking forward to her upcoming series on the life of Jesus.

Update: Mark Shea urges caution regarding Anne Rice's latest series: "It is a trade hazard of writers that we can build idols out of characters. All the more dangerous when the character is our Lord. Pride makes it easy to mold him to our preferences and then worship the fictional Jesus rather than let him mold us to his as we worship the real Jesus." An important point, especially coming from Shea who has just written a book on the Virgin Mary.