Thursday, September 29, 2005

Scales Falling From Eyes

Remember the Atlanta hostage story from this past March? Ashley Smith now says that she shared some of her crystal meth stash with Brian Nichols after he took her hostage last Spring. She then read to him from Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life, convincing him to turn himself in to police for the shootings he committed at an Atlanta courthouse. Smith says the ordeal led to her realization that she is a drug addict and that she hasn't touched drugs since.

One Christian observer commented that Nichols' vision of Smith being an angel leading him to God could be attributed "to crank rather than conversion," implying that the outcome of this scenario is less of a miracle because of the illicit drug use.

To the contrary. That Nichols saw Smith as an angel rather than a demon is miraculous considering the death and suffering he had caused just hours ago. That he later peacefully turned himself in, presumably once the meth had worn off, is yet another miracle. Christians should need no reminding that God uses the greatest sinners, drug addicts, prostitutes, tax collectors, and murderers, to do his work.