Monday, September 05, 2005

The Saint of the Gutters

Eight years ago today, Mother Teresa died. At the time, I had not yet reverted to my faith, but I admired Mother Theresa, as did so many, for her works of mercy.

She saw Jesus in the poor:

He makes himself the hungry one - the naked one - the homeless one - the sick one - the one in prison - the lonely one - the unwanted one - and he says: You did it to me.

After her death, it was revealed that Mother Teresa suffered dark nights of the soul that lasted nearly 50 years. Yet she continued working with the poorest of the poor, and became the Saint of the Gutters.

I have no doubt that Mother Teresa right now is with all who suffered because of Hurricane Katrina -- both living and dead -- many of them the poor, the sick, and the forgotten. These are the people whom she loved so much.

Let's celebrate Blessed Teresa's feast day with joy, remembering her by remembering the poor, especially those who are suffering in the Gulf Coast right now. They need our money and our prayers.