Thursday, September 22, 2005

Phil(th)adelphia-- The Grand Jury Clerical Abuse Report

Rocco Palmo is all over the Philadelphia grand jury report on predator priests. My former parish priest's name is not there, much to my relief. (Pathetic isn't it? That it has come to this -- being relieved that the guy who gave you sacraments isn't a pervert.)

Rocco is very critical of the clericalism in Philadelphia. My impressions of Philadelphia Catholicism is that most folks were Christmas/Easter Catholics, going to church about twice a year and doing whatever they wanted the rest of the time. In my parish, Sunday Mass attracted at most about 2 dozen people, and even the Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul was about half empty most Sundays. And still, I found a high degree of clericalism in the attitudes of even the self-proclaimed lapsed Catholics. Philly is hardly an exception when it comes to Mass attendance and you can be a cultural Catholic and clericalist, but I still think it's a strange combo.