Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina Aid Weekend

I moved this post up to the top of the page, where it will stay throughout Monday. Money and prayers still needed. Also, check the bottom of this post for updates and scroll down the page for more content.

Katrina Aid Day(9/1/05) has been extended into Katrina Aid Weekend. By the way, if you've donated, please go to Truth Laid Bearand log it. The blogosphere is raising a lot of cash so far, and it's great to see what's been given.

It's also gratifying to see people looking ahead to cleaning up the destruction. The Anchoress notesHugh Hewitt's idea to rebuild the Gulf Coast. This is a creative and resourceful nation of doers who can solve just about any problem. We will rebuild.

By the way, the Anchoress is donating proceeds earned this month from sales of books and goods purchased through via her Bookshelf.

Finally, pray for the people of Louisiana, that they suffer no more evil. Moneybags has a great idea over at A Catholic Life to say the Rosary. I ask that everybody who reads this blog would say one decade this weekend for all victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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Update: Knights of Columbus pledges aid.

Update: Links are fixed. If any don't work, it's because the site is down. I got rid of the Hugh Hewitt link but you can find it at the Anchoress's site. Also, if someone could tell me how to link to older blog posts of mine, I'd appreciate it.

Update: The Cukierski Family Apostolate is accepting cash donations for direct aid to survivors, and
Gulf Coast crisis pregnancy centers are also in need of donations.

Update: A volunteer liveblogs from the Astrodome.

Update: Happy Catholic has loads of post-Katrina links including one from Electric Mist liveblogging triage efforts at LSU.

Update: Money bags notes aid relief efforts by nations and corporations.

Update: Half of New Orleans' priests are missing.