Monday, September 19, 2005

How Cool Is This? "Arrested Development" Star Is A Christian

I've been with "Arrested Development" since the very beginning. It's a show that follows its own vision and does everything a little different. So it's no surprise that one of it's stars is also defying expectations. Tony Hale, who plays Buster, is openly Christian. In Hollywood, as Barbara Nicolosi can tell you, professing Christianity tends to not help your career. Hale talked about his faith to the Boulder Daily Camera. (Click on the title of this post to get to the article.Registration may be required.)

DC: You started a Christian group called The Haven in New York — tell us more about that.

TH: It was an artist fellowship that was really faith-based. A lot of times artists coming from the church don't feel supported by the church. It encouraged artists whose faith is really important to them to continue being artists.

DC: That's great — are you doing anything like that in L.A.?

TH: My wife and I just try to be careful — in this town where you have to promote yourself all the time, we try to remember to get your eyes off yourself sometimes. Actually, this Saturday the whole cast is doing Habitat for Humanity.