Friday, September 16, 2005

Farewell Brother in Christ

Read on Mark Shea's site that a Mundelein seminarian named Matty Molnar died a couple of days ago in a car accident. His blog is still online and his writings and pictures suggest a beautiful, spirited, JPII seminarian in love with the Lord and his Church.

Matty had just turned 28 a week ago. There were three other seminarians with him in the car. One of them, Jared, is in critical condition. The other two are stable. Pray for them.

It's eerie looking at Matty's site, seeing glimpses of his personality (I never knew him), and knowing that the things that he hoped for -- some of which he wrote about -- will never come to pass. Comments from those who loved him and miss him are heartbreaking and it's tempting to shake one's fist at the Lord and ask, "Why? Why did you take this man -- this future priest -- from us?" I must admit I'm struggling with this one.

Update: I just read that Jared, the critically injured seminarian, passed away today. How devastating for those who knew Matty and Jared. Prayers are needed.

Update: Amy Welborn has more news. Charges have been filed against two other seminarians in the car who survived the accident.