Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Earth My Body, Water My Blood, Fire My Spirit ... Air My Head"*

*Blog title taken from a particularly apt comment at the Curt Jester.

Women's ordination. Sure, its heresy, but when the proponents are so darned amusing, it's tempting to just chuckle and leave them to their bunny hops and earthenware.

But I am frightened by this Catholic Insight Online report on women's ordination conferences. It's scary that there are people who believe that the entity envisioned by "womenpriests" -- an entity that invokes the four elements, worships "the Goddess/Christ Sophia", celebrates homosexuality, and wants to get rid of the pope -- would be an improvement on the Church we've had for millenia.

Aesthetically, this feminist church is a disaster: the felt banners, the bunny hops, the earthenware, but spiritually it is far worse. I've never been able to define exactly what makes my spirit shrink away from this Church of What's Happening Now, but it's the same revulsion that I feel for Satanism. In the case of both Satanism and the Church of the New Age, we are witnessing people who are jealous of God worshipping themselves in place of Him. It's sickening but I am no better, because I am an idolator too and my god is also myself: my ego, my vanity, my ideas. So perhaps what repulses me when I look at paganism is the sight of my own sinfulness and how I am tempted to ask God not to deliver me from evil, but to leave me to it.