Wednesday, August 17, 2005

WYD Blog Roundup

News out of Cologne has been trickling in this week, and probably will do so until the pope arrives.

But this blog is all about the new paradigm: DIY. Hence, the emphasis here is on live blogging.

So far, I've not been disappointed. There's lots of good commentary from the ground that offers fascinating accounts of the events in Cologne:

Fr. Dowd describes what it's like to concelebrate a Mass with 12,000 people. You can send a message to him in Germany from his web site.

The Catholic Report has interviews and first-person accounts by Mark Butler.

Ad Limina's got the most humorous account so far, with tales of crashing Friday's seminarian audience and dining on Meat Jello.

Tim Drake is doing some heavy lifting over at Young and Catholic. I especially was moved by his description of an encounter with a group of Poles paying silent tribute to Pope John Paul II. Keep scrolling for more good stuff.

Another heavy hitter comes from The Criterion Online out of the Archdiocese of Indianpolis. Blogger Brandon A. Evans posts detailed accounts along with pictures. That cruise along the Rhine River must have been divine.