Monday, August 22, 2005

World Misspent-Youth Day

I heard about the parallel "inclusive" World Youth Day (i.e., pro-condoms/anti-abstinence), but I didn't know there was a World Misspent-Youth Day going on in Bonn this past week (Patron Saint: St. Augustine, the patron saint of misspent youth). Too bad the event exists only in the satirical heart of The Curt Jester. Go check out the funny pictures photoshopped here, as well as a brilliant "homily" based on Matthew's laborers in the vineyard.

Curiously, the band Journey doesn't show up at the Curt Jester's/Jeff Miller's fantasy WMYD, but I think their song, Don't Stop Believin is not only appropriate for the WMYD 35+ demographic but could perhaps be its theme song -- retooled to reflect the repentent sensibilities of the pilgrims, of course.