Monday, August 15, 2005

What Cologne Can Expect from World Youth Day

As a parishioner in the Archdiocese of Denver, I'm quite proud of my little "cowtown". Archbishop Chaput, surely one of the many fruits of Denver hosting the 1993 World Youth Day, is one of the nation's strongest and most consistent defenders of Catholic precepts. There's a parish for just about every liturgical taste out there -- yet none would dare commit the abuses other Catholic bloggers describe. Most importantly, the Catholics that I've met here are exceptionally engaged and informed about our faith.

The most recent issue of Our Sunday Visitor examines the fruits of World Youth Day 1993 for Denver:

Then-Denver Archbishop James Francis Stafford saw the Colorado capital as a unique, young, educated, high-tech and highly secularized environment -- a symbol of what many American cities might be like in the 21st century, remembers Fran Maier, vicar general and past-communications director for the Denver archdiocese.

But WYD transformed everything, Maier said. The city was now on the map nationally with American Catholics. "After WYD, we asked, 'What are the parameters to measure what the event had done?'" Maier said, "but it was like planting a seed -- it had long-term effects on the way the Church and the people saw themselves."

The article notes the presence of two seminaries in Denver, a flourishing of lay movements within the archdiocese and the city's attraction for talented Catholic leadership. May Cologne be likewise blessed.