Saturday, August 06, 2005

Upon This Rock

The term "ghosts", coined by Get Religion, describes a news story with religious themes that are unacknowledged by the author.

At GQ, John Jeremiah Sullivan intended to write a piece
about evangelicals at a Christian festival, but ends up writing not so much about religion ghosts as about his own Christ-hauntedness:

Why should He vex me? Why is His ghost not friendlier? Why can't I just be a good Enlightenment child and see in His life a sustaining example of what we can be, as a species?
Because once you've known Him as God, it's hard to find comfort in the man. The sheer sensation of life that comes with a total, all-pervading notion of being—the pulse of consequence one projects onto even the humblest things—the pull of that won't slacken.
And one has doubts about one's doubts.