Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Taize and World Youth Day

News that the 90-year old founder of the Taize community was murdered during prayer came as a horrifying shock. A Dutch news site puts the death of Br. Roger into perspective with this analysis, linking Taize, a Protestant ecumenical community, with WYD:

After World War II, the community grew into an institution that every year drew tens of thousands of young Protestants and Catholics from across Europe on pilgrimages. They partly inspired the Catholic Church to do likewise with its series of World Youth Days

This World Youth Day has an emphasis on ecumenism. Pope John Paul II invited Christians other than Catholics, as well as people of other faiths, and those of no faith to come to Cologne. Pope Benedict XVI received a "very moving, very friendly" letter from Br. Roger only hours before his death yesterday, stating that the Taize community "wants to walk in communion" with the pope and the pilgrims in Cologne.

Many of these pilgrims are openly weeping in Cologne.
Pray for them. And pray for the eternal soul of Br Roger.