Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Persecution: A Bipartisan Affair

One of my pet peeves are those who think supporting the Church is synonymous with being Republican. Apparently, Mitt Romney feels as I do. The Republican governor of Massachusetts is tentatively supporting a bill that would require the Archdiocese of Boston and other churches in Massachusetts to make their financial statements public.

If you recall, yesterday's entry dealt with the Boston Globe's report that First-Amendment challenged state senator Marian Walsh, acting on the behest of angry lay Catholics, introduced the bill, which has 32 co-sponsors. This is one of several recent initiatives that would allow regulation of churches, although both Walsh and Romney refer to the Church as a "non-profit".

Now that the Republican governor has endorsed the bill, there's nothing but love all around, according to the Boston Globe.

''That is very encouraging," said Walsh, Democrat of West Roxbury. ''To have an open mind is great. This is how we solve problems."

I'll take common sense, fair play and an understanding of the law over Walsh's openmindedness.