Thursday, August 18, 2005

Liberal Media Acquire Faint Inklings of What Could Be A Clue About Catholicism

When the mainstream media try to figure out why this Benedict fellow or John Paul fellow attracts the kids so much hijinks generally ensue, with the conclusion being that the young people are either duped or in search of daddy.

Which is why this article from The International Herald Tribune, the New York Times' foreign newspaper, comes as such a surprise.

The article, an analysis on the appeal of Pope Benedict, actually acknowledges that there might be something to this Catholicism:

The new pope is commonly held to be reactionary, old-fashioned and authoritarian. If Benedict XVI is so out of touch, how can the church muster so many hundreds of thousands of young people to its cause? What is often ignored in liberal criticism of the papacy is that Western society can be seen as practicing and licensing a nightmarish culture of pornography, abuse and death. As such, the Catholic critique of modern culture is not unpersuasive. On issues like abortion, the erosion of marriage and the dissolution of the family, many of the young reject the secular values of their parents.

Not perfect. But it's a start.