Sunday, August 21, 2005

Excerpts from The Pope's Homily

In the homily for the closing Mass earlier today,the Holy Father unravels the mystery of the Eucharist.

"What on the outside is simply brutal violence, from within becomes an act of total self-giving love. This is the substantial transformation which was accomplished at the Last Supper and was destined to set in motion a series of transformations leading ultimately to the transformation of the world when God will be all in all (cf. 1 Corinthians 15:28). In their hearts, people always and everywhere have somehow expected a change, a transformation of the world. Here now is the central act of transformation that alone can truly renew the world: Violence is transformed into love, and death into life."

But why does Christ want us to be joined with him? Is it to make us better people. Better spouses and parents? No. As the Holy Father says:

"The Body and Blood of Christ are given to us so that we ourselves will be transformed in our turn. We are to become the Body of Christ, his own flesh and blood. We all eat the one bread, and this means that we ourselves become one."

The pope later explains that this is not a symbol or a memorial, it is union. It is entering into the Cross, into Christ's "hour."

"Jesus' hour is the hour in which love triumphs. In other words: it is God who has triumphed, because he is Love. Jesus' hour seeks to become our own hour and will indeed become so if we allow ourselves, through the celebration of the Eucharist, to be drawn into that process of transformation that the Lord intends to bring about."