Monday, August 29, 2005

Enjoying it and Catholic!

******Update******* Mark Shea has finished his book on the Virgin Mary. Presumably his blog will soon return.

Something sharp and blunt has been missing in the Catholic blogosphere ever since Mark Shea's,Catholic and Enjoying It! went on hiatus last spring. I too miss reading Shea's uniquely sarcastic take on the news and culture, but I manage to get a daily fix of him anyway through his "A Word of Encouragement" daily email via Catholic Exchange.

Each Word contains a line or two from Scripture along with a brief but fortifying exegesis by Shea. For example, today's Word comes from the Psalms:

Psalm 20:7
Some boast of chariots, and some of horses;but we boast of the name of the LORD our God.

Shea places this quote into historical context, noting the political history of Israel and the many trials this nation has faced -- even to the point of being wiped off the map.

He writes:
"Why? Because the danger of politics, of that complicated jugglery of chariots and horses, is that it makes it incredibly easy to think that power, statecraft, economics, militarymight and all that rot are the Main Event—-especially when you succeedat it. Israel was never allowed to succeed at it. Consequently, Israel was prepared to receive the fullness of God's revelation in Jesus Christ, who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and not on a horse and chariot. Today, join the throng that welcomed the son of David and say"Hosanna!" not to the schemes of power but to the humility of God.