Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Buddhist U. Offers Da Vinci Code Weekend Course

Last night my sister and I were perusing Naropa University's extended study course catalogue. (Naropa is the country's first fully-accredited Buddhist liberal arts university.) Listed under "World Wisdom Traditions" is a weekend course on "Mary Magdalene: The Greatest Story Never Told", taught by somebody named Margaret Starbird. In the course description Starbird brags that her work was used as source material for The Da Vinci Code. She also claims to have been raised Catholic, which is sad. I suppose she touts her bona fides (as it were) in order to inoculate her (and Naropa) against charges of anti-Catholicism.

Here's the university's course description:

"Many people are curious about the story behind The Da Vinci Code. In this workshop, we will look closely at the story of Mary Magdalene and the Grail legend indigenous to Southern France, including the historical and mythological elements. We will explore the medieval art, artifact and folklore that kept her story alive in an underground stream of teachings. Poetry, music and visuals deepen our experience of the many faces of Mary."

I can guarantee you that the only face of Mary Magdalene that won't be presented in this course is her true one.