Friday, August 12, 2005

Benedict Bands

I love Catholic tchotchkes. When my sister went to Rome in 1990, she brought back a 3-D Jesus postcard. One of my literary mentors has on his wall a neon blinking Virgin Mary icon. It's kitch, and I love it.

Now there's more kitch, just in time for World Youth Day. An organization calling itself Youth for the World has come out with white plastic wristbands for sale that say "JPII-Be Not Afraid BXVI-We Come to Worship Him."

Nota bene: "We Come to Worship Him" is the slogan for this year's WYD. It refers to Christ, not the pope!

The idea behind the Benedict Bands, I guess, is for those who couldn't make it to Cologne to wear these wristbands in prayer and solidarity with the young pilgrims who are there.